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Buy Soma 500mg | Order Carisoprodol 500mg Online

Generic: Carisoprodol

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Soma 500 mg is a muscle relaxant and is believed to work by blocking the pain. Soma is used to treat pain and discomfort. When you are using the medication on your own the medication should not be used for more than 3 months. The medication should not be stopped suddenly as there are cases of withdrawal symptoms observed which include stomach cramps, trouble while sleeping, headache and may be nausea. There have been cases of addiction where in cases of patient who are used to alcohol and drugs.

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Soma 500mg Pain Tablets- The skeletal muscle relaxant is a group of medicine which is used to treat muscle spasms. Muscle relaxant is mainly used for two different types of condition mainly muscular pain or spasms from peripheral musculoskeletal injury. Soma is prescribed along with rest and regular physical therapy and other kind of musculoskeletal pain.


The usual dosage for Soma is 250 mg to 350 mg and should be taken orally three times a day at the bed time. Soma is also available as Soma 500 mg.

Some precautionary measures for Soma 500mg Pain Tablets

There are some precautionary measures which are important while you are taking Soma 500 mg to prevent any further adverse events. So before taking Soma 500mg
When you have taken Soma 500mg please avoid driving as the medication has sedation tendency. Drowsiness and staying less alert is also seen with the medication.
If you are in a habit of taking alcohol or other alcoholic beverages then Soma 500mg is reported to enhance its effect. So avoid drinking too much of alcohol when you want to start up with Soma.

There are some antidepressant drugs which when taken along with Soma 500mg is reported to enhance the depressive effect.
If a patient is going for surgery he should tell his doctor about what other prescription medication so that doctor could decide the Soma 500 mg doses.

Who should not take Soma 500mg Pain Tablet

  • Soma 500 mg is not indicated in patient who is more than three months pregnant.
  • Soma 500 mg has been reported to pass through breast milk so should not be given to mothers who are feeding their infants.
  • Soma 500 mg tablets are contraindicated in patients with a history of acute intermittent porphyria.
  • Soma 500 mg is contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to a Carbamate such as Meprobamate.
  • Soma 500 mg is strictly contraindicated where the patient is found hypersensitive to any of the ingredients of pain O Soma.

Side Effects of Soma 500mg Pain Tablet

  • There are some side effects which are reported in case of Soma 500 mg. The most common in nature is that of drowsiness, headache, depression, blurred vision and sleeping problems.
  • There are some severe side effects which are also reported and it includes heart conditions like tachycardia, bradycardia, and postural hypertension. There are other serious side effects which include vision loss, agitation, confusion, extreme weakness or lack of co ordination.
  • When taking Soma 500mg there are events which are side effects and are not known but are seen in case of Soma 500mg. They include black and tarry stools, chest pains and chills, confusion, convulsions and cough formation. There have been events where there is sudden loss of consciousness, muscle stiffness or tightness, inability to move eyes and sticking out of tongue.

Some concomitant Affects related with Soma 500mg Pain Tablets

  • There are some concomitant affect reported when Soma 500mg is taken along with Central nervous system depressant like benzodiazepine and opioid.
  • Soma 500 mg should not be prescribed with CYP2C19 inhibitors like moclobemide, Fluoxetine Rifampicin and Prednisone.

What will happen if I missed a dose?

  • In case you missed dose of Soma 500 mg take it as soon as you remember it. When it’s time for the second dose you should not take the second dose but go with regular prescribed dose. Overdose may lead to health related issues.
  • What happens when you go for extra dose?
  • When we are taking extra doses it results into over dosage. Immediate medical attention is required and the overdose could be reported with symptoms such as depression, anxiety, muscle stiffness and seizure.

Generic Carisoprodol
Strength Soma (Carisoprodol) 500mg Tablets

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Soma 500mg is awesome. Review by Clinton Bishop
thanks for shipping the Soma 500mg. Before using Soma, I was totally helpless and suffering from muscle strain from years ago.

now the pain was gone.

thanks to medsonline4u.us (Posted on 6/30/16)

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