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Payment Methods

Modes of payment

Payment method of medsonline4u.co is very simple and easy that is done by two hassle-free ways-e-cheques and western union.

E-Cheques are valid only for the US customers whereas western union can be used anywhere.

E-Cheques are the electronic form of the normal paper cheques which is transferred by email. They are an effective way to reduce errors. It is an electronic version of payment method that is more secure than a standard paper cheque. Fewer steps are required for their processing and the chances to bounce are nil. It does not require the physical presence of creditor and is a convenient way of transferring money including security features like digital signatures, authentication, public key cryptography and encryption.

E-cheques are also known as electronic checks, direct debit, or ACH transfer. An online payment processor is used to pay via e cheques or to collect money from e cheques. There are different payment processors online that will accept E-check payments and they all work the same way.

E-cheques are now becoming the standard way to complete money transactions online.

Benefits of E-Cheques:

  • Lower Fees than credit cards are required by e-cheques.
  • Chances of cheque bounce are minimal; a bounced Check Notification is received within 48 hours
  • Leaves a Digital Trace
  • No need to deal with the hassle of paper checks 
  • Account information for repeated purchases can be stored.
  • E-cheques can be used for recurring billing services.

Steps for processing of e-cheques:

Authorization by customers is required for the processing of their paper checks and permission from customers is needed either through phone, written or through an electronic form.

Enter Transaction Info

  • Bank Routing Number
  • Bank Account Number (usually a checking account)
  • Name Associated with Bank Account

Processing: The information processing is done by ACH network (or other check verification network) and the customer’s account is debited for the amount while the merchant account is credited.

Confirmation: Once the payment has been electronically debited, it will get visible under the customer’s bank account statement. Name of billing company, cheque number, and the amount, all are in view.

WESTERN UNION is a financial service for money transfer by which funds can be sent across more than 220 countries.