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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you confirm an order?

A: Just find the medicine you want to order from our catalogue and click on the Add to cart icon. Just fill in the information on the checkout forms as they come into view. You just have to register with our website after selecting the medicine. After that you need to pay the price of the product for the confirmation of your order.

Q: What next after confirming an order?

A:  Confirmation details of your order will be sent to the pharmacy so that the shipment can be done on the same day. You will get a notification by email after processing of your order.

Q: How can I track my order?

A: You can contact our customer support executive any time with your tracking number to track your order. Our customer support team will provide essential information about your order.

Q: How can I cancel my orders?

A: You need to contact with our customer support without delay after the confirmation of your order for cancellation reason. Our cancellation rule is limited within 24 hours after the confirmation.

Q: Do you guarantee your products because your online store has many generic medicines in the stock. Are these drugs really effective?

A: Yes. We support our medical products with a 100% guarantee. All our products are supplied only from trustworthy pharmaceutical companies and suppliers. You don’t need to be concerned while buying the generic medical products because here at MedsOnline4U, all the products whether branded or generic, all are tested and approved by FDA.

 Q: What does it mean by ‘generic drugs’? 

A: Generic drugs are considered as the replica of branded medicines. These generic drugs have the similar dosage, performance, safety, intended use, class and standard like the branded medicines. It is only the colour and price where you will find some differences between generic medicines and branded medicines. The cost of generic medicines is lower than branded medicines.

Q: Why pills from your online store are different in colour and shape than pills at another medicine stores?

A: We need to follow the rules and regulations of the FDA and they have set the rule to make the size, shape and color of generic medicines dissimilar from branded medicines. So as the result, you may get some differences in the appearances between the drugs and medicines at our stores and other stores. This will not make any changes in the efficiency, safety and class of generic medicines in comparison to branded medicines.



Q: How making payment?

A: You need to register with the website after choosing the product. Then pay the price of the product to confirm your order.

Q: How can you confirm an order?

A: Presently we accept payments by using e-check and other payment option. You can buy medicines from our online store and clear your payment by any of these methods.

Q: Do I have to count any hidden fees?

A: There is no unseen fee while you are purchasing any medication from our online store. We understand your dependability on us and have no intention to do business with you only for one time and keep some additional money through hidden fees. We count each client, and believe in long term relationship with our clients.

Q: Do you price your products according to the US dollar?

A: Yes, we have priced our products according to the US dollar. You need to clear your payment in US dollar.

Q: Is there any sale TAX which you deduct?

A: We never take any sales tax from you and you can feel confident about this.



Q: How long it will take me to get the ordered products?

A: The delivery time of any item after purchasing from our online store depends on the delivery option. Delivery is by registered international air post and will reach you in 10 to 15 business days. All deliveries will need a signature.

Q: Are you providing a shipping facility for any country in the world?

A: Yes, we can ship your purchased products in any country in the world and you need to mention Shipping Address Details with the details of your order.

Q: What will happen if the parcel arrives when I am not available at home?

A: You can find your parcel in your mailbox. It will be dropped in your mail box in your absence. If the size of the parcel is larger than the size of your mailbox, then you will get a notice to collect the parcel from the local office of the delivery company.

Q: What to do in case I receive a damaged parcel?

A: We are set to reship your parcel in case you found damaged products with your parcel. You have to send us the images of the damaged parcel and products.  We will investigate this issue and ask our shipping agents and shipping department and reship the parcel to you. Our customers have not faced this kind of difficulty yet.

Q: What should I do if the parcel will not arrive in due time?

A: You must contact with our customer care department in this case. We will look inside this matter and check if the parcel goes to any wrong address. We will reship your parcel free of cost if the mistake has been done by us. We are sorry not to provide any reshipment facility or refund in case if you provided us with a wrong delivery address. However our customers are not facing any such difficulty till now.



Q: Do I need to face any issues related to customs while purchasing medicines from your online store?

A: No, you will not face any problem regarding custom issue while purchasing any medicines from our online store. You may face problem if the purchased medicine is banned in your place, in this case you will get a notice to Claim your goods if you are interested in them and if you will not reply then the products will be ruined by the customs.



Q: Is my country available in your shipping list?

A: Yes, we deliver our products to any country in the world. The delivery time of our parcel may vary from one to two days, but you can get assured to receive your ordered parcel.

Q: From where will you ship these medicines?

A: We purchase the medicines from reputed pharmaceuticals like Ajanta, Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr Reddy’s, Sun Pharma and similar other manufacturers. Medicines at our stores are approved by reputed and genuine scientific organizations. We have our own packaging and shipping unit, and we prepare your parcel from there after you confirm your order.

Q: How much I have to pay for shipping?

A: Our shipping charge is as same as standard shipping charge. You have to pay 25$ (USD) for normal shipping. This charge is globally applicable and you need to pay according to the price of the medicine you have ordered.

Q: Is there any discount on the shipping cost?

A: We offer discount shipping facility to some selected customers doing regular business with us. We also offer discount shipping in a seasonal manner which is not regularly over the year. You need to keep in touch with us and place your order at the right time in order to avail such discounted shipping from us.

Q: What are the processes of shipping and packaging of my order?

A: Our quality department selects the best item for you after confirmation of your order. We complete this selection within 24 hours of confirmation. We do not allow any human touch in your medicines during this process. Then, we seal your parcel by using sealed strip from the manufacturers and write the delivery address on that. We will ensure to pack your packet in such a way that customs would not able to identify them and you will get your products for sure. At last, our shipping department handles that envelop and ship it to your place.

Q: How long it will take to ship my parcel after confirmation of the order?

A: We will not take any more than 24 hours to ship your parcel after you confirm your order during any working day. Orders placed during holidays, Saturday and Sundays will be processed in the next working days and handled accordingly. You will get a confirmation e-mail after your parcel is shipped towards you.



Q: Will I get any refund if I did not receive/get the product?

A: You will get the full refund of any undelivered product OR If you wish we can send you free of Cost Reshipment also. You need to contact with our customer support if you do not get the parcel within a given time. We will take these issues with utmost importance and arrange a full refund if we find our mistakes in the shipping /delivery process OR We can also send you Free of Cost once again.

Q: Can I get the refund if I receive a product which I didn’t order?

A: We can reship your ordered product or give you a full refund if you receive a product which you did not order. You can enjoy the facility of reshipment or refund if that happen due to our fault, otherwise we are unable to help you regarding such problem due to your mistake.

Q: Can I claim for refund if I do not get any benefits from the medicines of your online store?

A: You must discuss and consult with expert doctor or physician before placing any order at our online store. You are precious client to us, but not our patient. We are sorry to inform you that we do not have any refund policy in this case.

Q: Is it required to return my parcel in order to get the refund?

A: You need not to return your parcel in order to claim and get the refund for damage or like other point. Our idea is not to use those medicines and dump those medicines as soon as possible.

Q: Can I claim a refund for expired products?

A: This is a very exceptional case; as our quality department is liable to check the expiry date before confirming the selection of any medicine. You can always claim for refund and reshipment in case of any mistake regarding this issue and we will not delay processing your request.


Q: Is it required to provide you with prescription before I am going to place any order?

A: No, It is not essential, but it will be fine if you can provide the same. It is a good practice to buy medicines with prescriptions. Some medicines are firmly banned to sell without recommendation and you can send your prescription through Fax or E-mail.



Q: Is it possible to withdraw my placed order?

A: Yes, we have a cancellation window for you and for this you have to contact us within 24 hours of confirmation. Any order placed more than 24 hours before is not possible to cancel according to our policy.