Yaz & Yasmin an effective therapeutic drug used as Birth control pills are measure to avoid contraception, this Yaz helps out to clear away the unwanted pregnancy with high efficacy rate and very less or negligible chances of failure. Yaz is nothing but COCP that is combined oral contraceptive pill using Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol as active drug present in the medicine. This pill helps not only in contraception but hormone regulation like in (PCOS) polycystic ovarian syndrome, acne, hirsutism pelvic inflammation and ovarian infection/ cancer in ovaries.  This is a hormonal approach to avoid pregnancy which does not even cause immense pain while one has menstrual flow or suffers less pain of cramps.

Yaz is nothing but COCP that is combined oral contraceptive pill using Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol as active drug present in the medicine.

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Unwanted pregnancy causes unwanted effects that could be socio economic effects and psychologically not prepared for the upcoming one make them turn off as it becomes a great responsibility to the parents and parenting is not easy. There are various different approaches for preventing pregnancy like Surgical approaches like in males one can go for Vasectomy, females can go for Tubal ligation.

Physical devices like IUD's, condoms, and diaphragm. Other is hormonal medication for like spermicidal drugs and injectable and implants. Last is remaining abstinence from getting intimate or follow calendar system that is unreliable. Above medication system need special trained medical professional for implants and injectable. Buy Yasmin online for accredit contraception.

Why sophisticate the therapy? 

Oral medication is the most approachable therapy mode, as it turns be very conventional and applicable to patients. This medication is a combined medication which acts in following way Yaz/Yasmin (Drospirenone 3mg/ Ethinyl Estradiol 0.02mg) having 28 pills in each blister pack) containing  Progestin and estrogen respectively.

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The drugs action in the body: basically estrogens meant for egg maturation, developing female characteristics maintaining endometrial wall and menstrual cycle. The Progesterone hormone provides nutrition to the endometrium so that it becomes ready for carrying embryo. So when we have the medicine Ethinyl Estradiol: it stops the ovulation and so there is no egg released from the ovaries. Whereas the Drospirenone act as spermicidal drug and act as anti- androgenic in its actions.

Coming to posology of Yaz pills: Yaz is having 28 pills where 21 are active yellow colored pills and last 7 pills are placebo that will help to regulate proper menstrual cycle. Women should take the medicine at same time this helps in avoiding missing of dose. Take the pills with plain water orally. One should have the tablet over the meal.

What to do if you have missed the medicine?

If you have missed the dose then there are chances of getting pregnant. It one pill for a day and each yellow tablet has similar active ingredient except the white pills. If only one pill is missed then have it as soon as you make it. Take the two pills at the regular dosing time and continue the dossier. If you overlooked pill for the two days then take two pills on the next day and again two pills the subsequent day. Then go ahead for the normal dosing procedures.

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If one has missed the more than two in last week 3rd week than it is matter of concern, now you have to discard the last pack and start with the new pack.

Thing to be concerned is if you missed the dose in last third week around one should start taking other option for contraception during the mean while of missed dose time. Side effects that can be experienced during the medication like high blood pressure, nausea and headache and increased potassium level in body.

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