Abortion is the ending of undesired pregnancy. Abortion pill offers an alternative approach to the surgical termination of the pregnancy, as it is noninvasive and risk free. Earlier surgical abortion was only the method to end the undesired pregnancy.


In the surgical abortion a sharp edge instrument tenaculum is used to hold the cervix in place and a cannula (a long plastic tube) is inserted into the uterus to suction the embryo and placenta. The Female usually get scared with surgical abortion, to overcome the female woe of an abortion, medical science discovered scientifically approved abortion pill. The abortion pill Mifepristone and Misoprostol widely used to end the undesired pregnancy of less than 63 days or 9 weeks. The abortion with pill is also known as medical abortion.


The Other secondary abortion pill is Misoprostol (200mcg), a synthetic prostaglandin analogue E1, which causes the expulsion of dead embryo by uterine contraction.


Advantage of abortion pill

  • It is non surgical and painless method of termination.
  • If offers a confidential way to end the pregnancy.
  • It is cost effective.
  • It is safe for female having BMI above 30.

How abortion pill terminate pregnancy?


Now the big question arises how abortion pill brings out the termination of the pregnancy? In abortion pill, Mifepristone 200mg is a primary termination pill which ends the growth of pregnancy by avoiding the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the developing fetus. The Other secondary abortion pill is Misoprostol (200mcg), a synthetic prostaglandin analogue E1, which causes the expulsion of dead embryo by uterine contraction.


Abortion pill is not at all for those females who ever had any allergy to Mifepristone or Misoprostol should take the abortion pill. Don’t take it in case of inherited porphyria and chronic adrenal failure. Buy cheap abortion pill online to end the early pregnancy safely.

Dosage and administration


Note: before taking the abortion pill, female should be confirmed about their pregnancy and its gestation period. Female should take off the IUD devices before taking the pill.


  • Day 1-female should consume 200mg of Mifepristone orally with an empty stomach.
  • Day 3-take 4 pills of Misoprostol (20mcg) either orally or vaginally. After 2-4 hours the termination occurred.
  • Day 14-female should visit the nearby clinic to get the confirmation of the complete termination of pregnancy through ultra-scan.


Hence, the female may experience some undesired effect like drowsiness, fatigue, digestion problems vaginal blood loss, painful stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting. Pain in the body, especially in the pelvic area also, experienced by some female.

Attention- the female should take medical help in case of continuous body temperature more than 100.4F for more than 2 days as it could be a sign of infection and in case of heavy bleeding.


  • Abortion pill should not be used in case of ectopic pregnancy (that the pregnancy outside the uterine).
  • In case of severe asthma, or cardiovascular risk factors, hemorrhagic disorder female should take it with extra care.
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol or tobacco.
  • Abortion pill is not be used by the female age over 35 years and smoke.

Important do or not after an abortion!!!!

  • To avoid any kind of vaginal infection don’t put anything in the vagina such as tampons or a douche.
  • Avoid taking bath in the swimming pool for one week, as the microorganism bacteria in the water may cause infection.
  • Avoid lifting any heavy objects or do any strenuous exercising for one week. The excess physical activities will increase the risk of bleeding or cramping.
  • Don’t get engaged in sexual activity after an abortion as the intimacy session may increases bleeding, cramping, and infection.

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