This Nociceptive pain cannot be cured by the intake of medicine called painkillers or NSAIDS. In neuropathic pain a person feels that somebody is stabbing, burning, shooting, aching him or her in the region is having pain, sometimes a person feels that they are getting an electric shock in their body. The allied reasons due to which the person can get neuropathic pain in their body includes trigeminal neuralgia, chemotherapy after effect, due to various cancers and tumors, HIV Infection or AIDS, shingles, diabetes, excess intake of alcohol, multiple sclerosis or due to amputation of the limb. An injury or surgery caused to the spine or any other tissue or nerve fiber damage can invite neuropathic pain in a person. A person suffering from neuropathic pain can feel the pain even in the absence of stimulus or from the stimulus that usually doesn't cause you pain.


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Pregabalin present in the eminent brand Lyrica works effectively in healing the painful conditions of man by hindering the neuronal transmission to traverse from the site of injury to reach the reticular formation of the brain via the spinal cord neural circuits. Thus, make the person unable to sense the painful sensations. Pregabalin also works by enhancing the levels of inhibitory GABA neurotransmitters in the body thus produces a calming effect on the human body.


Patients who are having neuropathic pain due to disease like Postherpetic Neuralgia, then they have to consume the dose of 75-150md twice/day or max 600mg/day. For patients who are suffering from neuropathic pain due to the partial onset of seizures, they have to consume 150-600mg/day in 2-3 divided doses. Whereas those who are having the pain in their body due to Fibromyalgia, they have to consume the dose of 75mg two times/day.


Malicious effects that a person might discover when they take this medicine called Pregabalin are drowsiness, visual disturbance tremor in muscles, lethargy, euphoria, rapid gain in weight, gastric upset, dryness of mouth, confusion, excessive salivation and sweating, myalgia.


Precautions that patient should take whilst relying on the medicine Lyrica are like strict no to alcohol and tobacco smoke, a regular checkup for the vigilance of the eye health and sight, the patient should prevent himself from getting injured or bleed else have to encounter the steep fall in the platelet count within the body. People who are suffering from vital organs insufficiency have to take the medication after the consultation with a physician. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers must not consume this medicine without seeking the advice of the physician.


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