Girls go crazy about their looks. They want perfection in everything, their eye make-up, their face beauty, eyes, lips, body, and every tiny detail like eyelashes. We know eyes are for vision and its lashes for protection but eyelashes also make your eyes look beautiful. Depends on how good eyelashes are. The denser and thicker your eyelashes are, more confidence you will gain while going out in public. Not you everyone loves to flaunt his or her eyes. Your eyes tell all the secrets. People having less eyelashes have uttermost desire to have a good one. They feel less beautiful and less glamorous. This lowers their confidence also. To make your eyelash denser and beautiful, start using Latisse. This product is been sold out heavily at our site. You will see its benefits within few weeks after its application. There is no longer need of any eye product; this product will give you permanent denser eyelashes. Before application, you must know about the detail information about the Latisse. Just read below to know about the drug information.  

Generic of Latisse: Bimatoprost     

Bimatoprost (a prostaglandin analog) functions by working on the anagen phase of each eyelash hair cycle. This product boosts up the length of an eyelash. It causes the acceleration in the number of hairs in the growth phase. You will note a small growth within four weeks time but the complete growth of eyelashes will be observed within 16 weeks time.

Dose and Dosing steps to be followed

The strength is about 0.03%.

Before you start applying latisse eye drops, always keep your hands clean. Squeeze a small drop on the applicator brush. Begin applying it right from the base of an upper eyelash of both eyes. Let your eyes remain close for few minutes such that solution will get applied to your lower eyelashes. Wipe excess of the solution with the assistance of tissue paper. You must use it once per day before you sleep.

Some contradictory factors and precautions to follow with Latisse eye drop:

  • Before you instill any other eye drop always keep an interval of five minutes in between any two different eye drops brands.
  • Stop touching over the tip of the applicator, and the tip of the bottle, as it leads to contamination of the whole solution.
  • Tell your doctor if you had an eye surgery before or if you have an eye inflammation.
  • It is required that you must use sterile applicator always.
  • Do never apply if you have any allergic problem with Bimatoprost.
  • It is important to remove out your contact lenses before use and insert back after maintaining an interval of 15 min of use.

SOME COMMON ILL EFFECTS you see with Latisse eye drops are as redness of an eye, itching of eye, eye discharge, dryness, vision disturbances, the mild burning sensation of the eye, feeling of something in the eye, sensitivity to light, and darkening of an eyelid skin.


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