In our daily life, we saw people holding neck pillows or wearing cervical collar belt, back support belts and braces, knee caps and supports whereas some are found as whole time prisoner of the wheelchair. I bet, none of us tries to ask or study the condition that drives the men in such a pity situation until we get the same.  Our human body is like our car we as soul travel in this body and complete our life span with it. Similar, the car needs a fuel and service our body also takes fuel in the form of food and other nutritious diets and juices. So, does require a regular health check up of the body at least once in a year for the confirmation of proper functioning of our vital organs. Body routine analysis assures us that we are not in girth of any disease like diabetes, shingles, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, postherpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, chemotherapy of tumors or cancer, AIDS/HIV infection that later results in the development of neuropathic pain.


Injury and surgery of spine or jobs that restrict a person to sit or stand in one position with their head and neck in the same position for long stretched hours easily invites discomfort in a person. Every muscle in our body has some limitations so holding the neck, head, shoulders, arms, legs and spine in one position for long duration causes exhaustion in muscles, which later develops tension and irritates you with nerves pain and tissues damage within specific and different regions. Our continuous negligence to these signs of nerve pain can result in their permanent damage and turn the person to be whole time patient of neuropathic pain.


Lyrica caoslues


Pregabalin is the generic of the brand Lyrica. The active therapeutic compound treats the patient condition of neuropathic pain by hindering the transfer of message or nerve pain to reach the reticular tissues in the brain via the spinal cord and also balance the neurotransmitters concentration in and out the brain thus in this way the medicine does not allows the patient to feel the weird sensations.


Patient suffering from pain due to diabetic neuropathy has to engulf the dose of 100mg 3 times/day whereas those suffering from postherpetic neuralgia have to intake dose 50-100mg 3 times/day. Those who are suffering from the partial onset of seizures has to consume 75mg 2 times/day or 50mg 3 times/day. Men's suffering from Fibromyalgia has to consume 75 twice a day but if the condition does not improve then has to rise the dosing up to 150mg/ day but after the 1-week duration. Pain associated with spinal cord injury can be treated by consuming a dose of 75mg 2 times a day and if not get relief then the dose after the duration of 1 week can be raised to 150mg twice a day.


Adverse effects that as ramification associated with this medicine intake are diarrhea, dizziness, fastening of breath, puffiness of face and eyes, itching, skin rash, sore throat, ulcers of mouth or lips and unusual fatigue.


Some discreet measures that patient should prefer whilst taking Lyrica medications are the omission of alcohol, drug abuse, and tobacco smoke. Women who are pregnant or nursing their child must not consume this medication without consulting the physician. Patient suffering from vital organs insufficiency like a kidney. Liver and heart must not consume this medicine prior talking to a physician.


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