Pain is not a sensation that anyone wants to get associated to. It is an unpleasant feeling that everyone wants to get rid of at once. Pain can interrupt the life of the person suffering from it as he or she is not able to carry out even the everyday tasks appropriately.


Pain is of two types- Chronic Pain and Acute pain. Chronic Pain is severe and persists for a long duration of time (from few months to years). Acute pain is sharp and occurs for a short duration of time (from few days to few weeks).


Pain can occur due to various reasons such as injury or wound, osteoarthritis, surgery, etc. Sometimes, the reason behind pain remains unknown.

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Pain may vary in intensity and duration from person to person. The perception of pain depends on the mental or emotional status of the person. If a person is stressed and in a bad mood then he or she will feel more pain as compared to a person who is not depressed.


An effective medication is helpful in treating both acute and chronic pain. Tramadol is one such medication. It is very important to treat pain at the right time that is when its symptoms first start to appear as it will get worse if left untreated.


Tramadol is available online in different doses of 50mg, 100mg and 200mg. Buy Tramadol online at great rates.

Tramadol comes under the brand names of Tramjet, Ultram and Tramacip.

Tramadol belongs to a class of drugs called narcotic pain reliever. It acts as an opioid receptor agonist and blocks the reuptake of serotonin and nor-epinephrine.


Ultram is available in the form of a capsule and is to be taken by means of oral route. The selection of the dose depends on the severity and duration of pain. Do not stop the use of this medication abruptly as it can result in withdrawal symptoms.


Do not advise the use of Tramadol to others, especially to those who have history of alcoholism and substance abuse. Do not consume more than 400mg of this drug in a day.


It is very important to take this medicine according to the prescribed dose. Do not take this drug in more or less than permitted amounts.


Avoid concomitant intake of this drug with medications like hypnotics, sleeping pills, sedatives, tranquilizers, etc., as it can result in severe drug interactions.


Side-effects- Unsettled stomach, dizziness, angina, hypersensitivity reactions, low energy, etc.


Safety measures of Ultram 200mg:

  • The intake of this medication should be avoided, if you are allergic to other Tramadol or related compounds.
  • Do not take this drug with alcoholic beverages as it can augment its detrimental effects.
  • This drug should not be taken by an individual who is suffering from porphyria.
  • The continuous use of this drug over a period of time can result in addiction and dependence.

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