To look beautiful and smart, it is a wish of every female. The smartness of a human being actually lies in the eyes and the actual beauty of eyes lie in the eyelashes. Many females are using eyeliner, eye shadow, kajal and mascara to make their eyes beautiful and pretty.

Those females who are devoid of long eyelashes, frequently find difficulty to get the aesthetically attractive appearance. So, females use false eyelashes and eyelash extensions to give the beautiful and wonderful look to your eyes. Females choose this method to get longer and thicker eyelashes as it is easy and cheaper method available in the market. But, they are totally unaware about the harmful effects of these artificial eyelashes. In reality, artificial eyelash extension sticks to the upper eyelid with the help of glue. At the time of removal, they cause pain and irritation, consequently affect the natural growth of eyelashes.

  • Allergic reactions-The eyelash extensions are attached to the eyelids by using special glue. This glue may cause desirable effects like itching, irritation and inflammation of the skin and eyes. In some cases, it also causes swelling and redness in the eyes.

  • Hygienic problem- It is one of the biggest risk of using false eyelashes. Artificial eyelash can easily entrap dust and bacteria and cause huge harm to your eyes and eyelashes. In extreme conditions, it may cause the blindness. So, to avoid these issues, you should always use high quality of artificial eyelash extensions.

  • Damage the natural growth of eyelashes- Artificial eyelash extensions are attached to the upper eyelid by using special kind of adhesives. This practice requires some time to achieve excellence, but if artificial eyelashes are not attached to the upper eyelids properly then it may cause damage to the natural eyelashes.

The false or artificial eyelash extensions may put some extra pressure on the eyelids and this extra pressure agitate the hair follicle and it may discontinue the undyingly growth of eyelashes.

Among all these eyelash enhancer or false eyelashes, buy Careprost eye drop online made to design your eyes. It is an FDA approved medication and it is completely safe for your eyes and it effectively treats all the eye disorders without causing any undesirable effects.

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Generic Bimatoprost is accessible as a principal component in this eye drop and it falls under the class of prostaglandin analogue. Apart from hypotrichosis, it is also instilled to the affected eyes to manage the symptoms of glaucoma by reducing the elevated pressure inside the eye and give positive relief from the glaucoma.

Method of application of Careprost-

This eye medication is generally applied to the upper eyelid just like eyeliner. The appropriate time for the use of this drop is nighttime as the drug is fully absorbed into the eyes.

Properly wash your eye makeup and eradicate the contact lens before using the eye drop. It should be applied with the aid of sterile applicator. Put one drop of eye medication on the sterile applicator and cautiously draw a thin line along the border of the upper eyelid. Go over the same procedure to the next eye. Shut your eyes after the application of this eye drop.

After the normal application, you will surely get the gorgeous eyelashes within 12 to14 days.

You may face numerous unfavorable effects like itching, irritation and inflammation of the eyes. But, don't be concerned about these unpleasant effects; they will disappear after some days.

"Buy Careprost eye drop online from our reliable pharmacy drug store at very nominal price."