Sensual relationship which develops between the couples is highly precious and extremely valuable which comprises of lots of love, feelings and emotions of the partners for each other. So it is important to understand how to protect it and maintain it loving forever.

A healthy ongoing relationship of a couple can get destroyed by some type of sexual dysfunctions either in females or males. These dysfunctions impart harm on the sexual relationship as well as on the life of an individual. It can break the intimate relationship among partners. Additionally it can decrease the productivity of a person and can decrease the quality of the life of a person.

"It is mandatory to prevent the intimate relationship from the extremes of sexual dysfunctions"

Generic Tadalafil is a wonderful oral medication to manage the major sexual dysfunction among males that is male impotency.

Good sexual health imparts high intimacy between the couples and sexual dysfunctions affect sexual health.

Some common sexual dysfunctions are- impotency, early ejaculation and poor libido. These are the prevailing disorders of males.

Orgasmic disorders, Sexual pain disorders and Post-orgasmic diseases are the prevailing disorders in females.

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These sexual dysfunctions can be due to various reasons like excessive use of alcohol, antihistamines, narcotics, stimulants and antihypertensive medications. Some psychological problems e.g. depression, anxiety, sexual fears and past sexual trauma can also cause sexual dysfunctions. Some other factors like injuries to the back, inappropriate blood supply, any kind of nerve damage or spinal cord injuries can create sexual dysfunctions. Sexual dysfunctions can also occur due to some diseases like diabetic neuropathy, endocrine disorders, lack of essential hormones (low level of testosterone or other androgens, estrogen) and birth defects.

In the recent days, erectile dysfunction is the major sexual disorder which affects the sound sexual health of a person in a highly adverse manner. Generally the disease is characterized by the inability to achieve sufficient penile erection while making love activity. This disease can decrease the quality of life of a person and turns the healthy life of a man into depressing state.

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Tadaga 40 mg is composed of generic Tadalafil. Taking the medication 30 minutes before making love session proves to be effective and wonderful. Once an impotent person takes the medication, the effects lasts for more than 36 hours and one can enjoy the love relationship for long time.

The medication shows its activity by inhibiting the PDE TYPE-5 type. Inhibition of PDE TYPE-5 enzyme results in enhanced level of cyclic GMP because PDE type-5 enzyme has the tendency to inhibit cyclic GMP. Cyclic GMP is responsible to carry out the contractions and relaxations in the smooth blood vessels of the male genital part. By this activity, it helps to decrease the blood flow from the penile region and enhances the blood delivery towards penile region. When cyclic GMP gets enhanced, it enhances the blood flow in the regions of male genital part and helps in providing hard and sustains erections.

Before starting the therapy with Tadalafil (also named cialis) a person should be aware of the fact that if he is allergic to the active component or any other component of the medication, avoid the intake of medication in such a case.

If erection last for a long time after taking the medication, immediately stop intake of the medication.

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