It's incredibly easy... for "men" and some "good fortune women" who has never faced something absurd in their life to discuss for "those women who were not so lucky like them and have turned victim to either sexual harassment, forceful incest at home or had gone through prejudice in their lives".

To talk hypothetical only considering women’s bodies without taking in account their lives and looking the actual condition which woman is dealing is simply worthless and emotion less. Pregnancy brings happiness but in some, it turns to be a dark cloud. That can ruin her whole life or can drench all the possibilities of living her life on her "own terms "like in some Arab nations women getting pregnant before marriage is a crime for this you are liable to face heavy punishment like visa cancellation and other complicated ways to reimburse. In the US also women have to go through a lot, for draining unwanted or forceful pregnancy in form of taking signature from parents, partner or authorization from various legal grounds.

Giving explanation who can't understand your condition will give nothing productive result better solve your issue of unwanted pregnancy via ingesting medicine called Abortion Pills. For women who can't travel to an abortion clinic or denied abortion from parents, partner under social pressure can go for this affordable, safe alternative and very efficient manner for the abortion of unwanted gestation to max 9 weeks length.

Before using medication, understanding its action, in brief, will improve your mental acceptance for the product. Therefore, know Abortion pills in a simple way: It locks you pregnancy via natural way like Mifepristone is the generic that lock the release of Progesterone hormone which is an important requisite to build endometrial lining to which fetus attach for attaining nutrition & oxygen & growth. Another generic is Misoprostol that acts via stimulating strong contraction motions with abdomen region to detach every possible connection within women and the fetus. Thus, via simple process pregnancy get wind up & flushed in form of very natural process menstruation.

Abortion pills brands that sold massively are following with brief explanation to dosing regimen: Mifegyne, Mifeprex & RU-486 contain generic Mifepristone and are available in a pack of 3 pills each of strength 200mg. All 3 pills need to be taken orally with water on empty stomach in morning. A few hours later, you can observe bleeding from vaginal opening and after the passage of 2 days, you can confirm your abortion from a doctor via getting an ultrasound of abdomen.

Cytotec is famous medicine consisting of generic Misoprostol each of strength 200mcg. The packing of which contains 12 pills and is need to be taken in a set of 4 pills for three times a day in the gap of 3 hours to subsequent dosing with or with no meals via sublingual or through Intravaginal. 2 days later visit a doctor to confirm complete abortion.

Another most famous brand under the category of Abortion Pill is MTP Kit that consists in itself both the pills. One pill of Mifepristone 200mg to be taken orally on empty stomach & four pills of Misoprostol each of 200mcg to be taken Intravaginal after 2 days of taking the first dosing. Take 14 days count and after that visit your doctor to confirm nothing left in the uterus allied to fetal debris.

Cautions that are to be followed by women when she takes Abortion pills is an evacuation of booze, sleeping pills, recreational drugs, caffeine and cigarette smoke. Doing strenuous workout and getting intimate with a partner during such days is not safe for the usual health of women. Rest with nutritional food is a safe choice for women. Adverse effects that some women might get when they take Abortion pills are a headache, nausea, vomiting, upset digestion, abdominal cramp, cold feet, stiff back & heavy menstrual flow.

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