You have probably experienced a pause in your physical life at one point or other if you are like the majority of couples. Work, stress, obligations, and many other factors are responsible for draining the feeling of satisfaction with your mate at the end of the day and the reason why your love life may be put on a shelf for a time.  Other than stress, many other issues are there that can cause long and short term libido dilemmas in your life. There is a wide range of remedy available that claim to treat your erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence and one of the best and effective treatment includes Tadalafil Generic that is a long lasting and fast acting medicine.


ED is likely to be increased as men get older but getting older by itself does not lead to ED. Impotence can be treated doesn't matter what your age is.


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You will not get a hard and stiff erection only by just taking the pill. Sexual arousal is obligatory for the drug to show its full effect. When a man gets an erection, blood flows into male genitals and is temporarily trapped there to create pressure for expanding the male reproductive part. However, when this whole process is interrupted, you may have ED. As ED is caused by a PDE-5 enzyme so, Tadalafil inhibits this PDE-5 enzyme and augments the level of cGMP enzyme.


Tadalafil is a drug of PDE-5 inhibitor class, which is when consumed orally with water and 30 minutes before your intended physical intimacy, it relaxes the blood vessels and increases the blood supply that can improve the ability of a man to attain and hold an erection for successful intercourse. Tadalafil starts to show its effect within 15 -30 minutes of its intake and one dose is effective for up to 24-36 hours. For this reason, this drug should not be meant for more than one day. Instead, it is consumed in every three days and because of longer action, this drug is known as "weekend pill". Do not break or chew the medicine. Take it as a whole without the regard to food.


Some food items of alcohol, grapefruit, and a meal high on fatty substances decrease the Effect and efficacy of Tadalafil.


Some undesirable effects of Tadalafil medication known to have comprised headache, visual disturbance, stuffy nose, drowsiness, abdominal discomfort, hot flashes, and blurred vision.


Tadalafil drug is not intended to be consumed with any other medication that contains Nitrates. Smoking should be restricted, as it enhances the undesirable effects of the drug.


Some population of men is not intended for Tadalafil-

Men with any kind of genital deformity, males who are prohibited from performing any physical activity, people with any disorder linked with heart, liver, kidney, blood pressure, or bleeding, individuals with hypersensitivity towards any component of the drug.


Males with age more than 18 years are only recommended to take this drug according to their condition.


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