Glaucoma is an eye disorder, which is generally developed due to increased intraocular pressure inside the eyes and causes the damaging of optic nerve of eye and it lead to loss of vision. Now, with the invention of 9 PM eye drop, do not take tension about glaucoma as it can be easily treated with the help of this eye drop.

Glaucoma is a hereditary disease; it is deadly in nature because if glaucoma is not treated at its initial phase then it causes the gradual loss of sight in individuals.

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Eye and its role-

Eye plays a noteworthy role in the life of every individual. It helps in observing and differentiating the world and different shades of life. Therefore, it is one of the primary duties of every individual to take care of your eyes and keep your eyes healthy without any kind of problems.

Who are more prone to risk of glaucoma?

  • After the age of 40 years
  • In case of diabetes and poor vision
  • Taking steroidal medications like Prednisone 
  • If you have a family history of glaucoma
  • If you have any kind of eye surgery 
  • Individuals who belongs to America, Japan and Russia 

Ways to manage glaucoma-

Glaucoma can be easily managed with the help of ophthalmic preparations, surgery and microsurgery. Among all these methods, 9PM eye drop is one of the effective and highly demanded all over the whole world due to its effectiveness and powerful actions against glaucoma and other eye disorders like itching, irritation and redness of eyes.

How 9 PM eye drop acts against glaucoma?

Generic Latanoprost is a main pharmaceutical ingredient found in this preparation and it is an analogue of prostaglandin. Latanoprost simply works by decreasing the increased pressure within the eyes by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor. Latanoprost prevent the damaging of optic nerve of eye and helps in protection of loss of sight.

This eye drop is available in chemist shop as well as online portals. Now, don't suffer eye problem, just click on the mouse and make an order generic Latanoprost online and have a glaucoma free eyes.

Way to instill eye drop-

Before instilling eye drop, wash your eyes with water and dry it. Properly shake the bottle and gently pull your lower eyelid and tilt your head backside and allow one drop of medicine into your eyes. Repeat the same procedure to other eye and close your eyes after the use. So that, eye medication easily absorbed into your eyes.

After proper use of this eye drop, you may suffer several adverse effects like itching, irritation, inflammation of eyes.

While using this eye drop, follow some safety steps-

  • Do not instill this eye drop, if you are allergic to generic Latanoprost.
  • Do not touch the tip of eye drop and also do not instill excess amount of medicine.
  • Pediatric under the age of 12 years should not use this eye drop.
  • It is not used by pregnant and lactating moms. 
  • Driving should be strictly avoided after the use of this eye drop as it may cause vague vision. 

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