Hectic lives, no exercise, busy minds, stressed life, load of responsibilities contribute to low libido profile in men and thus invites unnecessary fight, humiliation when you see in eyes of partner and she is glancing back to you for making the weekend special by making and experiencing love in physical manner.

Low sensual health might lead to steep declination in attraction towards the partner vice-verse her affection for you also get decline and after sometime there would  left nothing interesting in your relation and yearn to enjoy sexual moments will get more and more higher that later turn up as the causative agent to splitting of married life and draining of trust in relation to the two people for the best learning institution of life that is marriage.

With advancement in age loss of libido in men is quite usual but if the man in his twenties and thirties experience reduction in libido then it might turn up as the biggest challenge to not only sensual inability called Erectile Dysfunction but also serves as a question mark to manliness of the man but might fissure the mutual devotion of two for each other. Apart from talking in terms of sexuality for others at a personal level, it's dreadful for the self-esteem of a man suffering from particular condition called Impotence and ED.

Fildena is an acclaimed brand that encloses Sildenafil citrate as potent API, dosing strengths available for this medicine is 50, 100, 150 and 200mg. This medicine has granted approval by the USFDA for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction/Impotency. The function of Fildena is to inhibit PDE5 action and preventing the cGMP degradation. As soon as NO releases by man in effect of this a physiological change occur that is dilation of penile arteries and relaxation of smooth muscles to concentrate blood flow in groin region or penile shaft of man thus turns an erection that is stiff, better in inches and width.

Dosing intake methodology of Sildenafil is like this: single pill an hour before making physical connection with men and then you can enjoy the medication benefits to duration 4-5 hours. Do not repeat the dose of Fildena prior completion of 24 hours else you might develop a painful erection that is called Priapism.

Adverse indications Fildena might develop in men is a sore throat, dry mouth, flushing of the face, stuffy nose, pain and shivering in legs, abdominal anguish, and swelling in feet. Some cautions that you need to take with medication Fildena is not to accompany Nitrate and psychedelic medication with the active chemical Sildenafil. Do not booze alcohol, smoke tobacco or take grapefruit juice, coffee and other confectionaries in excess rich in caffeine. Avoid riding motor and operating machinery taking Fildena medicine.

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