Pain-o-soma is used to treating the moderate to chronic conditions of muscle agony and muscle spasm. Generic carisoprodol is a remedial component present in the pain-o-soma and it belongs to the category of muscle relaxant. Due to its more effectiveness, it is used to loosen the cramps and stiffness of muscles. Generic carisoprodol is also indicated to treat various kinds of pain and inflammation related to muscle injuries like multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, muscle cramps and muscle spasm. Muscle cramps are usually induced due to damaging of ligaments. Thus, it may leads to severe pain and inflammation in the affected muscles.

Why musculoskeletal pain is happened?

Muscle ache is horrible and dislikeable sensation, which is normally, arises due to various reasons like overuse of muscles, muscle damage, strain, and dislocation of tissues, muscle elasticity and the main is fibromyalgia. All these conditions may lead to exhaustion, muscle hurt and body pain. Muscle pain can influence ligament, tendon, bones and tissues of the human body.

Muscle pain can be divided into two main categories like acute pain and chronic pain-

• Acute pain remains for several days, some weeks or months and it can be easily treated with the help of orally administered preparation.

• Chronic pain lasts for longer phase, it can continue for months and years and it cannot be simply treated by the use of medicines, it takes several days to repair the pain condition.

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Home remedies for pain treatment-

• Body massage with oil is a well-known method to treat back pain.

• Methods are indicated for knee pain like morning walk, physical exercise, yoga, and meditation.

• Hot milk with turmeric powder and warm water pads are also used to treat the pain.

• Some Analgesic such as opioid and non-opioid are also available in the market for pain management.

• Certain muscle relaxant like Soma, Pain-o-soma and Pro-soma are main treatment designed for musculoskeletal pain.

How generic carisoprodol helps to relieve pain?

Spasticity may develop due to damage in the human brain or spinal cord. People suffering from multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and cerebral palsy may also suffer from spasticity.

Spastic individuals are steadily experience a contraction in certain muscles. This muscle contraction may cause tightness and stiffness of the muscles which may interrupt the movement, speech and walking style of the affected person.

Generic carisoprodol only works on central nervous system, i.e. in spinal cord or brain. It doesn’t directly acts on muscles. Buy soma 350mg with Generic carisoprodol to blocks the nerve impulse or pain sensations, which are sent to human brain. This provides relief against pain and discomfort due to acute or chronic muscular condition. Generic carisoprodol treat muscle spasticity by relaxing the tone of muscles. It is a short acting muscle relaxant as its effective actions may remains up to few hours after the consumption.

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How to get pain-o-soma tablets?


The available doses of Pain-o-soma are 350mg and 500mg. Pain-o-soma tablet is a habit forming tablet, so take this medicine only for 2to3 weeks. Pain-o-soma dosage is very essential for getting the immediate relief from the musculoskeletal pain condition. Pain-o-soma tablet is to be administered via the oral route and with a sufficient amount of water. It is to be taken total four times in a day, three tablets should be taken within a whole day and 1 tablet is to be taken at the night just before going to sleep. It should be always administered with proper food items.

If you skip any dose of this drug then get it as soon as possible, but if it is the time near to the next dose then skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing agenda. Don’t take two tablets of pain-o-soma at a same time to trap the missed one.

Known adverse effects of pain-o-soma-

While taking this tablet, patients may suffer some adverse effects like severe headache, stomach distress, and feeling of dizziness, annoyance feeling, indistinct vision and dyspepsia.

Be attentive while using pain-o-soma-

• If you have hypersensitivity towards generic carisoprodol then no need to take this medicine.

• Alcoholic beverages should be avoided along with this drug.

• No need to take this medicine in case of stomach and intestinal ulcers.

• Use of other drugs like sedative drugs, Narcotic drugs and phenytoin drugs are strictly inadvisable along with generic carisoprodol because these drugs may interact with carisoprodol and create unwanted effects.

• Pregnant and lactating moms should avoid the consumption of this preparation.

• Children under the age of 12 years should not get this medicine.

• Long term intake of this drug is strictly inadvisable as it may cause drug dependence.

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