It was your last winter vacation of college as you was a final year student of graduation. You have planned to go on tour with your boyfriend. You were in a strong relationship for two years and had spent memorable time with each other. You had planned this tour because you were not supposed to be continuing your relation though he was from another place. While traveling to the vacation you enjoyed a lot and your love was in the extreme condition. One day you both have gone for shopping and later watched a romantic movie. After returning to the hotel your boyfriend was sensually aroused and looked you very romantically. You to respond well and deeply involved in craft physical relation. During that period, you had missed using preventive measures to avoid pregnancy. Even you had not remembered on the next day to take contraceptives. You were known when your monthly cycle was missed. This was very annoying and devastating condition, as you do not want to continue the pregnancy. In conclusion, you have decided to finish the unwanted pregnancy using MTP KIT.

 If you are also having the unwanted pregnancy and this is not the right time to become mother looking for abortion then choose the deemed method called as MTP KIT.


MTP KIT is a reliable medication that is more often used for the termination of unwanted pregnancy. The use of MTP KIT terminates the pregnancy of up to 63 days from the last day of your menstrual period. The KIT contains Mifepristone and Misoprostol as the primary ingredient. Generic Mifepristone falls in the group of progesterone inhibitor, which shows action by manipulating the action of progesterone. Progesterone is a natural chemical in the body that is required for the growth of pregnancy as it offers oxygen and nutrition to the fetus.  Misoprostol is a group of prostaglandin analog adheres to myometrial cells to develop strong myometrial contractions, therefore; it causes evacuates the tissue outside the fetus.


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The dosing
regimen of MTP KIT: The kit is composed of two kinds of tablets one is Mifepristone (200mg) and another is Misoprostol (200mcg). To evacuate the unwanted pregnancy one should use one pill of Mifepristone on the first day orally with a full glass of water and then stay for two days. After that take four tablets of Misoprostol, you can take it orally or vaginally and wait for 14 days. Then consult the doctor to verify the abortion.


Possible side effects: MTP kit can show some unwanted effects such as a headache, pelvic pain, dizziness, diarrhea, fainting, fast heartbeat; fever, nausea, body ache, cramps, and flushing if a woman feels any grievous effect consult health care provider.


Precautionary measures: Do not use this kit in the case of ectopic pregnancy i.e. fetus outside the womb. Avoid alcohol consumption and driving while having an abortion. Eat nutritious food and take rest during the abortion process for early recovery. Do not use if you are a patient of bleeding disorder, pelvic pain in or allergic to any ingredient.

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