"MTP kit" a perpetuating birth control and abortion measure that diminished the risk of maternal mortality providing control over pregnancy with help of abortifacient Medical termination pill. MTP does not need any introduction; it is an eminent medical abortion pill that helps women to end the unwanted, early pregnancy (before 9 weeks). MTP is served in a combo kit where it contains 5 tablets in a pack, having single tablet of Mifepristone containing 200mg of active drug and 4 tablets having 200mcg of Misoprostol drug in each tablet.

What is the advantage MTP kit over traditional method of abortion?

Normally if one goes to the clinic you have to pay the fee of doctor, perform lots of medical lab tests, the main thing that matters physical examination which make the patient concerned, nobody wants to intrude any one in your private matter, and this medical condition is a window.
No long anesthesia and surgical procedures. The main the risk of infection and injury that one may face, which is most likely to be seen in certain condition that is by passed with help of non invasive measure.
The kit facilitates you natural way to induce miscarriage.
Well the kit addresses you a private facility to perform abortion at home itself, and you may check the pregnancy confirmation with help of HCG test kits at home itself. The MTP kit facilitates you secrecy!!! No chance of invasion of any medical professional in your matter.

MTP Kit Online 

Why one goes for the abortion procedures?

  • Pregnancy is a new responsibility for the parents, where you have to sacrifice and change the priority by keeping the things first for the kids then even after you think for you. If one is not ready for the baby load. She should use the birth control measure, but if you are betrayed by any measure or mishap you have an option that will procure your condition well...
  • Socio economical reasons that make you derailed from your daily living to carry forward the baby and family. 
  • One would wish to go for abortion due to lack of knowledge and importance of family planning that turns her into this condition of early pregnancy, where it turns risky for the mother to continue the pregnancy. 
  • One may continue this abortion when you come to know about any birth defect to the fetus.

The kit simply induces the miscarriage as you take the tablet of 200mg Mifepristone orally empty stomach on day 1. After one day gap, on day 3 you can take the other 4 tablets of 200mcg Misoprostol tablet orally or vaginally with water. The drug progesterone will detach the fetus from the endometrium by inducing the shredding of uterus lining. And Misoprostol will induce cramping and expulsion of dead fetus.

Things to take care while administering abortion pills or MTP Kit:

  • One should take the pill only after confirmation of pregnancy, and if the pregnancy is outside the uterus or also called as ectopic pregnancy at that moment one should not take the MTP kit.
  • After medical termination one should take care, that one should take nutritive diet, fulfills the blood loss and does not lift heavy weight or perform any other heavy physical activity.
  • The drug may induce fever and abdominal pain; you may seek help of any pain reliever, but try not to take Aspirin tablet as it will promote blood thinning. 

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