Anny always used to do editing of her pictures while posting on social media. While editing, she always put the focus on her eyes. She used to apply fake lashes, put on eyeliner and kajal in her eyes so that they look captivating or gorgeous. When she posted that pictures on social media, a person always used to like her pictures and even follow her on Instagram. One day that person compliments her that she falls in love with her as her long and beautiful eyes are very attractive. He proposed Anny for friendship and Anny accept her proposal, as she also likes that person. The person always compliments her for her eyes, and she never dares to speak the truth behind her eyes. Therefore, she decided to grow her lashes in a natural way with the aid of Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03.  She started using the eye drops and achieves darker and longer lashes within 16 weeks. After that, she revealed out the truth in front of that person and now they are living together as a couple.

Latisse eye drops are most amazing medication for the treatment of shorter eyelashes i.e. Hypotrichosis. If you want to have long and darker eyelashes, then you must have to use the FDA approved Latisse eye drops. It encloses of Bimatoprost as a main active moiety, which works on the hair growth cycle for the management of lashes. Other than this, it also helps in the management of open eye glaucoma.

Bimatoprost comes under the category of Prostaglandin drug. The drug shows its action of the mechanism by amplifying the anagen phase and decreasing the telogen phase of hair growth cycle. In this way, it makes your lashes longer and beautiful in a natural way without any harm to eyes.

Lattise eye drops come into an ophthalmic solution. You have to wash your hands and face before applying the medicament. After that, remove the eye makeup with the help of cleanser. Now take a small amount of medicament on the sterile applicator and apply it on the margin of upper eyelid in the form of thin liner. Repeat the same procedure on another eye. No need to apply the drops on lower eyelid as it gets applied automatically when you blink your eyes. Repeat the same procedure every day for the duration of 16 weeks.

However, the drug may execute some side effects that include of watery eyes, blurred vision, itching in eyes, eye irritation; feeling like something is placed inside eyes, tear production, dizziness and UV sensitivity.

Therefore, the user of Latisse eye drops should have to avoid the use of Latisse if they are sensitive towards Bimatoprost. Do not use the drops at daytime, as it makes you sensitive towards sun light. Do not use the eye drops if you are pregnant women or breastfeeding mother. Do not put on heavy eye makeup while relying on treatment with Latisse eye drops. Prevent the contact of drops with face to avert unwanted growth of hairs.

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