Many individuals are not satisfied with their eyelashes so, they make use of artificial eyelash extensions, eye mascara and eyeliner to make their eyes look attractive. But, it is not possible regularly to use artificial eyelash extension and eye mascara as they are very harmful for the natural growth of eyelashes. Mascara active chemicals may cause the itching, irritation and redness of eyes. Mascara is a temporary solution and it is very expensive in nature. But, now the good news for all the individuals is, you can easily make your eyelashes more noticeable by making them thicker, longer and darker. Buy Latisse online from reliable online pharmacies at much discounted price.   


It should be applied only one time in a day. You can easily see the surprising growth of your eyelashes after 14 to 16 weeks.  

You can buy generic Bimatoprost Eye Drops Online from genuine pharmacy store at nominal price with minimum delivery time.

Why eyelashes are important?

Healthy eyelashes make an eye look more beautiful and gleaming. Eyelashes are the hairs of the eyelids, which grow on the boundary of upper and lower eyelids. Eyelashes prevent the entry of dust, smoke, allergens, mist, soil particles, debris, pollution and the harmful UV (ultra violet rays). Shining eyelashes also develop the attractiveness and loveliness of our eyes. 


Why female prefer Latisse for eyelashes?

Latisse eye drop is very efficient and safe for those individuals who are suffering from hypotrichosis (insufficient eyelashes). Buy Latisse Eye Drop and improve the growth and color of eyelashes. Generic Bimatoprost is also available in various brand names like Careprost eye drop, Bimat eye drop and Lumigan eye drop.   


Generic Bimatoprost is an analogue of prostaglandin and it can easily upgrade the thickness, length and darkness of eyelashes. Apart from the eyelashes growth, this medication is also instilled within the eyes for the treatment of glaucoma.


To get the desired growth of eyelashes, it should be continuously used for 12 to 13 weeks without any gap.

 Undesirable symptoms may occur while applying the eye drop like indistinct vision, dizziness, severe headache, itching and irritation of the eyes. All these adverse effects may exist for a short time period so, avoid these effects and continue your application.

The application of Latisse is totally different in case of hypotrichosis and glaucoma.

  • In case of glaucoma- Instill only one drop of Latisse into your affected eyes. Shut your eyes at least for 2to 3 minutes after the use of the application.
  • In case of hypotrichosis- This eye drop is always applied with the support of sterile applicator or brush for getting the growth of eyelashes. Put a one drop of eye medication on sterile applicator and carefully draw a thin line along the margin of the upper eyelids.  

Adopt various steps to get 100% benefits-

  • No need to apply this eye drop in case of hypersensitivity towards generic Bimatoprost.
  • Always apply this eye drop on the upper eyelids, not apply on the lower eyelids.
  • Wash your hands and eyes after the application of eye drop.
  • Changes the applicator after every use and always use clean applicator.
  • Always maintain some hygienic condition as applying this eye drop.
  • Remove your contact lens before applying the eye drop as this eye drop may decolorize the actual color of lens.
  • Properly wash your eye makeup before using the eye drop.

Not to be used-

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not apply this eye drop.
  • Pediatric patients under the age group of 12 years should not use this eye drop.
  • No need to apply this eye drop in case of eye disorder and eye infection.
  • Don’t apply this eye drop in the case of eye surgery.


You can buy generic Bimatoprost Eye Drops Online from genuine pharmacy store at nominal price with minimum delivery time.