When you do something sensual for the first time you feel enthused because of that pleasure you get and departure of the anxiety that used to run behind your brain before getting intimate for the first time. But to make your routine romp exciting you have to do something exciting, sensual fun is vice-versa to your fantasy.


You can relish your intimacy to the far great level if you give some twist to it, like opting different sensual styles and poses. Haven't you experienced that pleasure of the sensuality, goes to next level when you seduce your partner or he does you? Awe... You should try it. A little bit of foreplay and short love sessions in a day, that involves cuddling, kissing and licking of lips keeps the charm alive in your intimate relation.


Okay! You have tried all this but still, your spouse or the lover is not responding in a manner that he used to do earlier then it's "spy time". But on what to spy? You have to spy on his eating habits, his diet regime, alcohol intake, cigarette smoke, exercise he do or no, any stress or hypertension, his sleeping time and can also go for his penile health examination to discover that he might not be suffering from the issue of Erectile Dysfunction due to repeated erection failure.


No, need to fear this disease is now common with men, occurs because of reason as mentioned above, and is said to occur in men when there occurs any hindrance in the supply of blood to the organ penile. Erectile dysfunction can easily be cured by the intake of medicine Cenforce 100mg.


Medicine Cenforce 200mg is the brand that embraces Sildenafil citrate as its generic constituent. The chemical moiety swanks its therapeutic effect on the men by inhibiting the cGMP breakdown that is brought by the horde of enzymes called PDE5. Due to inhibition of enzyme action there occurs the accumulation of cGMP within penile tissues due to which the smooth muscle of the penile become relaxed and the penile blood vessels become dilated to facilitate the rush of blood into the specific region called penile. Hence, make the organ erect and stiff to stand for stretched duration.


Cenforce 150 mg


Consume this medicine an hour before getting intimate with partner orally with plenty of water. Once swallowed medicine swank its effect for duration none less than 4-5 hours. Moreover, do not require the dose replication up to the lapse of 24 hours.


Malicious effects that a man might get whilst taking the medication are flushing, queasiness, headache, pain in back and shortness of breath, myalgia, diarrhea, gastric upset, dryness of penile skin and Priapism.


Discreet measures that man has to follow are complete avoidance of the abuse of alcohol or other drugs. Have to take healthy diet and must not go for outdoor sports and riding of motor else, you might be injured due to drowsiness or blurry vision. Avoid nitrates embodying medicines.


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