Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is when it is hard to achieve or maintain an erection that's hard enough for a pleasurable sexual activity. This problem affects as many as 30 million males.

Most males experience difficulties with erections from time to time. Impotence can happen when health complications limit the flow of blood or impair nerves in the male genital organ. Erectile dysfunction can also be produced by stress or emotional factors. Impotence can be an initial warning of a further serious disorder. Heart disorder, high blood sugar and high blood pressure can all lead to ED.

How can you prevent ED?

One should adopt a healthy lifestyle for preventing the risk of ED. You should quit smoking and limit the intake of alcohol to moderation can help impotence. Consistent aerobic workout and a low-calorie diet can also decrease the risks of blood vessels disorders like atherosclerosis (deposition of fats on blood vessel wall). If you suffer from diabetes, make sure it is under proper control.

ATTENTION GUYS!! Now a wide variety of oral treatments are available and most exerts their action by helping to lessen the blood vessels in the male genital organ, permitting blood to flow in. These drugs don't work unless you are also sexually aroused. There are profits and losses with each of the drug and it is important to first discuss with your physician before taking any medicine. One such popular medicine includes Cenforce 100mg which is available at our genuine site. This medicine 100% increases the male’s potency in 4 to 6 hours and returns your self-confidence. The drug should be consumed inside 30 to 60 minutes before getting engaged in physical activity.

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Benefits of Cenforce:

  • 100% consistent results on a sexually stimulated man.
  • Increases the sensitivity of the male sexual organ.
  • Worldwide sale of this drug due to its safety and reliability.
  • Drugs generics of Sildenafil are exclusive tools that have the wonderful ability to renovate and improve the regular erection.
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The active ingredient in Cenforce is Generic Sildenafil citrate. It increases the blood flow to the male genital organ, which gives you a sustained and persistent erection. Cenforce is one of the most affordable and effective erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments out in the online market these days. This drug has the same, helpful effects like any other top brands for the management of impotence.


There are different strengths of Cenforce tablets available including; 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg. Generic Cenforce can be taken in strength of no more than 200 mg per day. For better absorption, it is suggested to take it before taking food. You can take a tablet of Cenforce 50 mg about half an hour before you plan to get engaged in sexual activity. Avoid taking more than one dose of this drug in a day.

Considerations when taking Cenforce:

When taking Cenforce or Sildenafil, it is significant to take these numerous factors into concern:

  • Taking Cenforce must not be an option if a male suffers from any heart disorders like heart attack, heart failure or stroke. This will only deteriorate the ailments of the heart.
  • It is also directed to take Sildenafil or Cenforce according to the physician’s recommended dosage. Any additional intake of this medicine may lead to adverse reactions that could be deadly. Some of the adverse effects that a man could face when he takes an excess dosage of Cenforce by mistake include headache, shortness of breath, dizziness, drowsiness, runny nose, flushing and problems in vision.
  • Alcoholic drinks must also be excluded when taking this medicine. Taking this drug with alcohol will only make your side effects get worse.
  • Keep the medicine out of the reach of children.
  • You are not counseled to consume nitrate containing drugs such as Isosorbide mononitrate or Isosorbide dinitrate, Nitroglycerin, along with Generic Sildenafil.

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