A male problem in which he is not able to achieve and hold an erection for the desired step during physical intimacy is known as male impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED).  The cause behind this condition is understood by the low blood supply due to blood vessel contractions around male reproductive parts. For accurate erection and satisfactory performance, blood should be fully reached and fill the chambers in the erectile tissues to get a hard and long erection.


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Pleasurable intimate life is vital for a strong and successful bonding. Having strong intimate relation with your partner generates optimistic psychological impact on you and your partner. Ample of men across the globe are suffering from some kind of sexual conditions and the most common that makes a man embarrass is erectile dysfunction. This dilemma makes a man unable to enjoy their intimate life with full pleasure that comes up from intercourse.


Cenforce 200mg containing Sildenafil citrate is a highly powerful medicine that is vastly suggested for such patients. This drug works on treating the impotence in a healthy way and develops the satisfactory experience in the bed.


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Cenforce is effective when consumed 60 minutes before the intended intercourse and the drug will start to show its effectiveness within 30 minutes of intake and the efficacy will last for 4-5 hours. Sildenafil citrate belongs to PDE-5 inhibitor class of medication and is like a magic broom for ED patients. What it actually does is vasodilatation that works by relaxing the blood vessels around and augment the blood flow through the male genitals after inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme. This aids a man in attaining a hard erection and holding up for a longer period so that a man can smoothly enjoy his intimate life and satisfy his partner. Sexual arousal is needed to bring about an erection with ED medications. If you take Cenforce without sexual stimulation then the drug will not work according to its way. One dose per day is sufficient for sexual activity. Never take more than one tablet in a day.

 Cenforce medication should not be consumed with high fatty food and by products of grapefruit or its juices, as these will delay the efficiency to the drug.

However, this medication is also having few short-time undesirable effects that are nausea, diarrhea, headache, blurred vision, nasal congestion, stomach pain, and drowsiness. Side effects will exaggerate if you take more than suggested dose.


Consumption of Cenforce in conditions of the heart, kidney, liver, and bleeding problems can make your condition worse. Alcohol can reduce the rate of drug's efficiency if consumed with Cenforce. Heart patients taking Nitrate containing medications should not take Cenforce at any cost, or you have to suffer from serious consequences. Men with any genital deformity are not suggested to take Cenforce. Never take Cenforce if you are not suggested to get involved in any kind of physical activity. Males with age more than 18 years of age are only eligible to take Cenforce during ED condition.


Some lifestyle factors of good physical activities, maintaining normal body weight and controlled cholesterol level along with ED drug are also supportive in treating ED.


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