What makes a woman pregnant? Is the sperm of a man. When you protect its entry in women vagina by putting on latex impermeable membrane (condoms, vaginal pouches) then it is protective intercourse. Whereas when two people get physically intermingle with each other without taking any protection then there are two chances:

  • They get pregnant or
  • They will not get pregnant

A couple when make intimacy in days of fertile window then for sure they will get pregnant and this pregnancy will come under heading of Planned Pregnancy but if the couple were simply, kissing, cuddling and making out fun with each other then due rush of emotions get cozy and turns pregnant then it is Unplanned/Unscheduled Pregnancy. Third case is quite a typical case, actually…..here the case is not so pleasant else much weird, because incest made by man or men to a girl against her wish, forcefully after her lots of denial then it is molestation or say rape. Outcome of this act results in Unwanted Pregnancy.

Now, here you understand the difference in different types of pregnancies so it would turn easy for you to understand that not all pregnancy brings blessing showers for the women. There are some different and difficult situations that stood against women and turns her negative or bring hatred for the continuation of gestation.

Pregnancy is not simply giving birth to a child but a beginning of new life with all changes that this new stage gonna bring in them…like umpteen physical changes in body, financial shortcomings, social changes, rollercoaster of emotional changes, negotiating with life to work or not to work are all not easy for a woman. So, there exist a medical alternative for these women name Abortion. This gives woman an amicable opportunity to be out the hassle of Unplanned and Unwanted Pregnancy when they are on personal level not ready to continue with phase of gestation. Buy MTP kit online from our drug portal at cheap price...

Most accepted form of winding up unwanted gestation is medical abortion via Abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol, available in a pack called MTP Kit. To elude out gestation of maximum 9 weeks you one have to take one pill of Mifepristone 200mg, orally with water. On 2 day gap you can take all 4 pills of Misoprostol, each of 200mcg sublingually or putting in vagina. 14 days later don't forget to visit physician for confirming complete removal of fetal debris out of uterus.

Mechanism via Mifepristone acts is inhibiting the supply of Progesterone, an essential need for the development of uterine lining and supplying food to fetus for nutrition. Thus, absence of hormone will gonna shatter development of pregnancy in an abrupt. Misoprostol acts via contracting the uterus strongly to break all possible connections of fetus from the mother. In this way unwanted pregnancy gets  concluded.

Complications women might develop by use of MTP kit are abdominal discomfort and cramps, stiffness in back, headache, heavy menstrual bleeding, sleep cycle alterations, chills, fever and exhaustion. Cautions you need to take with MTP Kit are avoiding sexual connection, heavy work out, driving machine or handling any motor vehicle. Women are suggested to take out IUD from vagina prior you put pills in opening of vagina.

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