Erectile dysfunction (ED), is also explained as impotence, this sexual disorder in male population can be disturbing, even overwhelming, to a man. At the time male suffering from erectile dysfunction he withdraws perceptively and physically because of fear of failure.

In today's scenario, problems related to erection are increasing day by day. Earlier these problems were seen in elder males but now this problem has become very common in males of every age group. Basic problems associated with sexual stamina from which most of the men are failed to maintain an erection when a male is sensually stimulated, most are able to produce and sustain an erection till ejaculation.

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A universal concern between couples dealing with ED initiated with a breakdown of sexual move on. These preserves include a consequence on the question of faith, intimacy, and closeness. Women internalize things -- they have inclined to culpability themselves first, thinking it's as they have made somewhat in the wrong, or that they are no more striking to their partner.

It's important for both men and women to realize that ED is not at all uncommon


Nowadays most of the men are not able to uphold the erection for a longer time, for those males Cenforce is a magical remedy that containing generic Sildenafil is the best. There are various herbal preparation available in the market to treat this problem but they are not as effective as Cenforce.


Dosage instruction of Cenforce:

Cenforce is available in the dosage strength of 100mg and 200 mg.


One does the Cenforce 200mg is enough for the day. Individual should consume the drug an hour before the physical intercourse. The route of administration is oral.


This drug is to be taken only at the time of sexual desire, so no need to worry about the missed dose.
Never consume the over dosage of Cenforce it may fatal for the life the symptoms of an overdose of Cenforce include over excitement and prolonged and painful erection which stays for 4 hours.


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There are some points you must take care of, while you administer Cenforce:

• If you are oversensitive towards the general drug and other inactive ingredients of Cenforce then avoid using the medication.
• Patents of heart-related disease should stay away from the usage of Cenforce for erection solution.
• If the patients are suffering from regular running stomach problem and bleeding disorder don't consume Cenforce for an erection problem.
•Avoid taking fatty food and grapefruit juice while taking this drug.
• If you are less than the age of 18 years don't consume this medication.
• After taking this medicine do not get indulge in driving and other important work as it may impair your attention.


Side effects to be faced after consuming Cenforce:

it is very common for you to face certain side effects after consuming Cenforce such as overexcitement, Headache, urinary track, harsh hypertension, abnormal heart rate, skin rashes, queasiness, stomach ache, pain in the chest, flushing.


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