“Do not consider erectile dysfunction as disaster in your life. Try to manage it…” for all those males who remain worried due to erectile dysfunction..!!

Erectile dysfunction is the common sexual dysfunction along males. Almost 80 percent of male population is suffering from this sexual ailment all over the world.

Erectile dysfunction is a disease in which a man is not able to achieve suitable erection in the genital part while making physical relationship with his partner. The disease imparts a high level of negativity among couple and makes their life ruin.

In short the failure to make love by male partner is called erectile dysfunction or male impotency…!!

There can be a number of reasons behind the male impotency. Some of them are lack of proper diet, unhealthy living style, cigarette smoking, and habit of having excess alcohol. Disease conditions like vascular damage, atherosclerosis and low level of testosterone also imparts problem of erectile dysfunction. Some psychological reasons like depression, stress and anxiety are some other reasons that can cause erectile dysfunction.

Various kind of strong oral medications are available at marketplace as a remedy for erectile dysfunction but Cenforce is a wonderful admission in medicinal science that has made the disturbing life of man joyful, lively and full of happiness.

Remarkable features of Cenforce:

Cenforce 100mg consists of active ingredient Sildenafil which is a potent inhibitor of PDE type-5 enzyme. PDE type-5 enzyme manages the levels of cyclic GMP. It is responsible for the breakdown of cyclic GMP. At the time of sexual stimulation, nitrogen oxide is released in the smooth muscles of the male reproductive part. It activates the enzyme granulate cyclase which is converted into cyclic GMP. Cyclic GMP shows interaction with smooth muscles of male reproductive organ and allows then to relax. Thus more blood flows towards male genital organ as a result of which hard and prolonged erections achieved. In this way a male becomes able to provide satisfactory sexual performance and can overcome his impotency miseries.

Cenforce is a wonderful admission in medicinal science that has made the disturbing life of man joyful.

Cenforce can be found in different doses of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg. it is suggested to take the medication one hour prior to make love. Initially the dose can be started from 50 mg. Depending upon the condition of patient; the dose can be increased up to further higher doses. The medication can be taken with or without meals; preferably the medication should be taken with low fat diet. If taken with high fatty diet, the medication is less absorbed and less effective.

Please notice – not more a single dose should be taken in a day, it can result in overdosing and side effects.

You may see some side effects after taking Cenforce 150mg like dizziness, sleepiness, and irregular breathing, skin inflammation, problem in vision, urinary tract infection and headache.

Cenforce is a wonderful admission in medicinal science that has made the disturbing life of man joyful.

Be careful about-

• Do not take Cenforce, if you are allergic to the active ingredient or any other component of the medication.

• Try to avoid intake of alcohol, grape juice and grapefruits along with Cenforce.

• If you are suffering from any blood disorder like anemia or any liver or kidney diseases, take medicine with caution.

• The medication is specially designed for males; so ladies should not take this medicine.

• Avoid driving or performing any alert required work after intake of cenforce because the medication can cause dizziness.

• Do not take this medicine if you are a cardiac patient.

• If you are taking any nitrate based product like nitroglycerine, intake of medication should not be done.

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