Every couple has a question about birth control, as they want an effective and successful method of birth control. Though there are various methods, which laid down in this category like use of medications or hormonal pills, natural methods and use of physical devices or barriers. Among all of them, the best one is use of hormonal pills or tablets. These are called as birth control pills or contraceptive pills. The couples should consider some important points before using any methods like safety, efficacy and reliability of both male and females. Hormonal birth control pills are widely suits the requirements of the couple. These hormonal pills are widely used by the females, as they have various benefits.

Avoid Unplanned pregnancy with birth control pills

Some facts about birth control pills

There are various birth control pills, which are constituted by using synthetic derivatives of estrogen and progestin. These compounds interrupt the process of fertilization by inhibiting the process of ovulation. These compounds have tendency to alter the lining of uterus and cervix by which sperm does not reach to the uterus and it also interrupts the attachment of fertilized egg to the uterus. In this way, birth control pills safely act as the method of birth control.

There are countless women, who are using birth control pills as a contraceptive method. It is the safest way of birth control. But still some females should not use these pills, as it can also produce severe harmful effects in their body. The females, who are pregnant, should not use hormonal pill as a method of birth control. The females, who are hypersensitive to estrogen or progestin derivatives, should avoid this medication. If the female is suffering from severe medical issues like uncontrolled blood pressure, breast cancer, liver tumor, severe heart disorders, unusual bleeding from female genitalia, uterine cancer and blood clotting disorders, then she should not use these hormonal pills.

How to use birth control pills?

There are various hormonal pills, which are used as birth control method like Yasmin, Ovral-L, Dianette and Yaz. These are formulated in the form of oral tablets. The female should start the pack of these pills on first day of her menstrual cycle or on Sunday. She should take one pill daily at same time orally with the help of water. She should not miss the dose of these pills. Missing of dose may increase the chances of pregnancy. If by mistake, you miss the dose of this drug then you should contact with your doctor as soon as possible or use backup method of birth control.

The use of birth control pills may cause some common undesired effects in the body of some females like feeling tired, nausea or diarrhea, weight change, mood change and acne.

Safety tips

  • The female avoid cigarette smoking, while using this medication.
  • If the females have certain medical issues like epilepsy, electrolyte imbalance, depression, overweight, thyroid and liver disorders, then she should take this drug with extra care.
  • In case, you are above 35 years of age, then you should not smoke, while using this medication.
  • The females should use backup method of birth control, if she is using it first time.

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