No woman wants to get pregnant, when she hasn’t planned to do so. Hence, it is very important to have a suitable alternative available in case of unprotected physical intercourse. Plan B is an emergency contraceptive pill or morning after pill which is used to avoid such kind of condition. It also comes under brand name of Unwanted 72 pills.


  • The morning-after pill or emergency contraceptive pill is not the same as the abortion pill.

Morning-after pill delays ovulation and in few cases, stops implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine lining. But it will not terminate the current pregnancy. The abortion pill terminates the current pregnancy. Even if Levonorgestrel [Plan B] is taken in large amounts it will not cause an abortion as it is not possible physiologically for the drug.


•	Plan b is to be taken the morning after unprotected intercourse.

  • Plan b is to be taken the morning after unprotected intercourse.

Plan B should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual activity, but it is best effective when you take it sooner.


  • You may feel completely well after you consume the Emergency contraceptive.

The short term harmful effects are nausea and some spotting, nausea, tiredness, headache, breast tenderness, faintness and cramps. But many women may not feel any side effects at all as most of the time both pills are really well tolerated. 


But there can be problems regarding the menses. It should still come within a week of its normally scheduled arrival, but it might be earlier or later than normal. If it’s more than a week late, take a pregnancy test.


  • In most of the countries, you can get Plan B without any prescription.

Plan B with the main ingredient Levonorgestrel can easily be purchased online now; hence you should not worry about its availability. You can keep the plan b on hand as if you forgot to take your birth control pills or the condom is faulty, you can still take it to avoid pregnancy.


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  • You can take Unwanted 72 even if you are on any other birth control method, but you forgot to take it.

Plan B is an effective medication to prevent pregnancy even if you are on another form of birth control.

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  • Some women believe that emergency contraceptive pills are less effective in women who are overweight. But this belief is absolutely false as your weight does not have whatsoever to do with its usefulness.
  • Plan B will not protect you from more unprotected sex and it also does not protect you from STDs like HIV or AIDS.
  • You can take plan b twice in one month, but it is not be used in place of regular birth control. Plan b does not have any long-term effects on your health or fertility. But it is not as effective as having a reliable, continuous method of birth control.

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  • No method of emergency contraception is 100% effective and hence, if your period is more than a week late, you may need to get a pregnancy test. Plan B with the main ingredient Levonorgestrel is effective for 7 out of every 8 women who take this medication properly and on right time.
  • Plan b success rate is around 52% to 100%, according to a recent study. Plan b is the best medication available in this category with highest success rates as compared to others.


It is safe and effective in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. It does not have any long term harmful effects and you can again get pregnant in the future, if you want. So, buy Unwanted 72 online to get it at the best prices and enjoy the benefits of fastest shipping.