An overall attractive personality makes a person confident and your eyes plays a most vital role to enhance your personality. All women have craving of thick, long and full eyelashes that increases the gorgeousness of the eyes.

Nowadays, no female wants to apply heavy make-up such as mascara or use false eyelashes, because everyone wants to look natural. Careprost is the best product for long, thick and sizzling eyelashes. It is a product that can assist you in avoiding heavy eye makeup. It improves the quality of the eyelashes by making then grow naturally to its maximum length.

"You can Buy Careprost eye drops online from a genuine and trustable website to enjoy its benefits."

You can Buy Careprost eye drops online from a genuine and trustable website to enjoy its benefits.

Careprost is a multi-purpose ophthalmic solution that not only enhances the eyelashes, but also used for treatment of other conditions like open angle glaucoma and ocular pressure. The important ingredient of this ophthalmic solution is Bimatoprost, which is a powerful and effective substance.

The Bimatoprost has a powerful mechanism and it acts by activating the growth phase of eyelashes, so that more quantity of hairs grows, thus improving the thickness of the eyelashes.

In glaucoma, it reduces the eye pressure, by increasing the flow of aqueous humor from the eye, so that the eye can maintain a normal aqueous level.

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Method to use Careprost

For Hypotrichosis: You should take a thin eyeliner brush and put a drop of this solution on the brush. Apply a thin layer of this ophthalmic solution on the base of the upper eyelashes.

For open angle glaucoma and ocular pressure: Firstly, you should wash your face and hands properly and then stretch the lower skin of the eyes to form a pouch. Now instill a drop of this eye care solution into the eye. Close your eye for a minute so, that proper absorption of this eye drop takes place. Repeat the same steps for the other eye.

In both the cases, you should use this eye drop once in a day, mainly at night.


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Various conditions in which Careprost eye drop should not be used are:

  • You should avoid use of this eye care solution, if you are allergic to generic Bimatoprost.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding females should always consult a doctor before using this solution.
  • A person suffering from renal and hepatic impairment should avoid use of this ophthalmic solution.
  • Patient with liver, kidney or respiratory disorders should not use these eye drops.

Various adverse effects exhibited by Careprost are eye discharge, tearing, ocular dryness, and blurred vision, burning sensation in eye, sensation of something inside the eye, pain and eyelash darkening.

Various precautions to be followed while using Careprost are:

  • You should always check the unbroken seal and expiry date on the bottle of eye drop bottle before its use.
  • If you are using two eye care solution at the same time, then you should use both of them at the gap of 15 minutes.
  • To avoid contamination of this eye drop, you should avoid touching the tip of the dropper provided with this eye care solution with dirty hands.
  • If you are wearing eye lens, then you should remove it before using this eye drop.
  • If you are suffering from any infection or injury in the eyes, then use of this ophthalmic solution should be avoided.
  • This eye care solution should be used with extreme caution in case of children.

From where should I buy Careprost?

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