Human eyes are the vital or advanced organ of body part. Eyes are the very important part of the body. They impart beauty and vision. Eyes are prone to the number of diseases.

The swelling state of the eyes is also termed as per orbital puffiness and is generally characterized by the presence of excess fluid in the connective tissues of the eyes around the eyes and eyelids. When eyes got injured because of trauma, infections or some other injuries, these conditions can also impart swelling in the eyes.

Use of Acular eye drops can cause irritation in eyes and burning sensation in eyes.

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A short outline of Acular eye drops:

Acular eye drop is the preparation used to treat the allergic condition or inflammation of the eyes e.g. redness, puffiness or irritation). Eyes capture these kinds of conditions after cataract surgery. Acular drops consists of active ingredient ketorolac trometamol which comes under the category of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and shows its action  by inhibiting the production of prostaglandin, prostaglandin is a natural substance in the body that is responsible to cause itching and inflammation in the eyes.

Mechanism of action of Acular eye drops:

The active medication Ketorolac trometamol in the Acular eye drops shows its working by blocking the activity cyclo-oxygenase (COX) substance in the body. Cyclo-oxygenase is considered to be involved in producing chemicals like prostaglandins, when any kind of injury or diseases occurs like arthritis. These prostaglandins chemicals are responsible to cause pain, swelling and inflammation. Ketorolac trometamol obstructs the synthesis of these prostaglandins in the body and thus helpful in relieving of pain and inflammation.  

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Right technique to use Acular eye drops:

  • Try to get rid the medication to touch in the eyes and mouth because the medication is meant to be used in eyes only.
  • Wash the hands first before using the eye drops.
  • Remove the contact lenses from the eyes before application of eye drops. By using index finger, lower eyelid is pulled away from the eye. Put the drop of the medicine in the eye and make the eye close gently. Gently press the area on the side of your nose where corner of eye meets the nose to drop the drops to drain out of the eye.
  • Always remember that eyes should not be blinked.
  • Remove the extra medication from the eyes and wash the hands properly.
  • If the eyes drops are been used in both the eyes, separate bottle should be used for both the eyes.

Please notice:

Use of Acular eye drops can cause irritation in eyes and burning sensation in eyes. It can cause corneal thickening and blurred vision also. Hence the medication should be used with extreme caution.

Please follow:

  • Do not use these eye drops if you are allergic to the active component or any other component of the medication.
  • If you are in late pregnancy.
  • These eye drops should be used by the patient to whom the medication is prescribed.
  • The opened bottle of the medication can be used for four weeks only.
  • The eye drops should be stored properly at cool dry place and away from heat and light.


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